With Nick and Rory’s experience as leading figures in the field of photography and writing, with their dedication and numerous contacts in the media worldwide and a team of talented World Vision communication personnel we aim to make sure a discussion around the MDGs and post-MDGs is heard and seen by as many people as possible across the globe. Both Nick and Rory’s previous work for international organisations such as the ICRC [International Committee of the Red Cross], IOM [International Organisation of Migrations], Oxfam, and others has had a track record of influencing policy decisions, which translates into a positive impact for people living in difficult circumstances.


PRESS AND MEDIA CAMPAIGN NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY Nick and Rory regularly have their work published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. This MDG work would be available in a combination of stills, audio and text and would be available to media outlets on the web, in print, television and radio. Read more>>


EXHIBITIONS available to museums, cultural centres and libraries using photographs and captions tracing each individual with a triptych of photographs taken in 2005, 2010, & 2015. The original images have been exhibited in 9 countries at venues such as The Royal Geographical Society in London and the National Library in Singapore. Read more>>


PUBLICATION with images and stories by Rory MacLean depicting each of the individuals and their lives.


TALKS PowerPoint presentations for policy makers, donors, target groups, universities and schools. Read more>>


AWARDS This project resulted in multiple awards. Read more>>


The first two parts of the project were financed by World Vision and a mix of funding from grants from foundations, prize money, personal donations and the sale of collector’s prints.

We have much in place to produce our third and final part of our planned goal – we are on our way to funding this last step. We believe that this body of work focusing on what has and hasn’t changed in people’s lives across the world over a decade can make a difference, we feel confident that this work will have the exposure it needs to be seen worldwide.


  • London County Hall, London, September 2005

  • The National Library, Singapore, March 2006

  • The Photographic Society of Singapore, Singapore, April 2006

  • Wat Phnom Exhibition Centre, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, March 2006

  • Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2006

  • Foreign Correspondents’ Club of South Asia, Delhi, India, March 2006

  • Monasterio San Nicolo, Lido, Venice, Italy, September 2007

  • British Embassy, Budapest, Hungary, November 2008

  • International Business School, Budapest, Hungary, December 2008

  • Centre Culturel Alban Minville, Toulouse, France, November 2009

  • Royal Geographical Society, London, 25th November 2011 - 10th January 2012

  • The Brindley, Runcorn, 25th May – 6th July 2013

  • British Council, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 25th March – 7th April 2014

Talks – where the MDG images have been part of a presentation [selected]:

  • Skoll World Forum

  • Women’s Forum

  • TEDx

  • The Royal Geographical Society

  • Schools & universities: UK • France • Italy • Switzerland • Monaco • Hungary • Hong Kong • New Zealand • India • Ethiopia • Nigeria • Burkina Faso • Myanmar • China • Ireland


  • The Neville Shulman Challenge Award from The Royal Geographical Society

  • The Department for International Development with The Commonwealth Broadcasting Association grant